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Here's our list of currently available products and soon to be released products. Check back regularly for updates.

SMS ControlModule



Highly versatile SMS I/O module. operates on the 2G GSM network, has 8 x Relay Outputs controllable via SMS, 8 x Inputs, user selectable trigger via jumpers on board. Accepts negative pulse or negative latch. When any input is triggered a custom SMS is sent to the programmed number. The SMS I/O Control Module has the following commands, pinnumber, telnumber, status, I/O alias & output on/off control. Supplied with 1 x SMS I/O Control Module, Antenna & VHB DoubleSided tape for mounting.

SMS ControlModule Datasheet.pdf

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Is our top of the range multi-functional 8Ch 434MHz Wireless Receiver, it can be used on virtually any alarm control panel in the security industry to add wireless functionality in the way of remote arming or disarming or wireless sensor applications. It has 8 Open Collector outputs, for wireless sensors and or remote control. Serial Communications via RS485 to compatible alarm panels, an on-board speaker driver for arming and disarming chirps. On-board RF sniffer, listen in on the transmitters in action or when walk testing PIRs. 8 way dipswitch and 4 buttons for easy programming. 10 x LEDs. Status Led, Program led, Rx led and a Valid led. 8 Dual Function Status & Programming leds, in programming they show the user what features are enabled or disabled. When in normal operation the Leds display the RSSI level of any 434MHz signal detected by the receiver. Includes 2 x GRCS4 4 button remote controls.

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The SIMRx is our basic 434MHz Wireless Receiver with 4 relay outputs. Relays 1,2 & 3 operate as momentary the 4th relay operates in latch mode at default. 3 output types are available; Momentary, Latching and Delay (to release). 8 Output Settings configurable via 3 onboard jumpers. Range is 100+ meters line of sight and holds a maximum of 16 remotes. Typical applications include Remote Garage Openers, Home Alarms, Automatic Gates or where general remote activation is required. Includes 2 x GRCS4 4 button remote controls.

SIMRx Datasheet.pdf

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4 Button Rolling Code remote for use with our SIMRx or GenIT-Rx receivers. It features a sliding cover to hide those buttons when they're not in use, prevents accidental pressing when placed in pockets. Housed in a modern metallic frame.

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Fixed Code wireless detector for use with our GenIT-Rx. Features selectable pulse count, blue actiavtion led, tamper protection and dipswitches for setting transmission code. This allows for easy programming to the receiver during installation. Operates on 2 long life CR2450 3V Lithium Batteries.

Price: $99 + GST

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GSM / GPRS Quad Band Modem (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) for wireless data transfer. Supports SMS Messaging. TCP/IP Protocol and GPRS Class 10, Standard AT Command Set & RS232 Connectivity. Includes +12V switchmode powersupply & 52mm Antenna.

GSMT Product Brief.pdf

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